Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oops, I forgot we also got a new puppy!! AHHHH!!!

Graduation, Fathers day, Birthday & Sgt.Patrick Mahoney's farewell!!!!!

Well, I made it through in one piece. It was like a roller coaster, one minute smiling, laughing , clapping to crying, hugging and praying. Through all of these emotions the one thing that brought it all together for me was that this is my family and I have never been prouder.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday June 19, 2009 as we present "Favorite Finds"

You know that sudden flutter you feel when you discover a long sought after treasure? Maybe it's a piece of faux pastry delicately iced and trimmed with lace satin ribbon that takes hold of your imagination and makes you smile. Or vintage china pieces with hand painted roses that bring back forgotten memories. A cottage frame trimmed in vintage wallpaper to hold a treasured photo. Crisp table linens, reminiscent of special teas shared with Grandmother so many years ago. Hand painted silk roses adorning a beautifully wrapped gift or Cameo soaps, delicately scented to tuck inside a drawer of vintage hankies.An armful of hand-embroidered pillowcases you can't wait to bring home and show off by piling them on your bed. A rose scented candle that hides inside a special teacup. Garden party hats with vintage floral brooches and ribbon bands, just right for a party or to dress up a corner of your room. Broken china mosaics on a teapot, lamp or silver plated tray to bring out when company comes. A vintage rhinestone necklace and bracelet to put on for just the right occasions.

A white painted cottage cabinet to be filled with hand-painted dishes, appliquéd tea towels, chenille bedspreads or vintage toys. Wrought iron candle sticks that dangle delicate crystal drops. They add an instant aura of old-fashioned romance. Vintage nursery jars to put in your powder room or the master bath, unexpectedly filled with rose-shaped soap petals and lavender potpourri. Hand stitched needlepoints, rich in history, combined with pastels silks for a treasured pillow. Tea cozies trimmed in Venice lace and satin ribbons and bows - stunning as any china teapot and just right for an afternoon tea party with friends.

Favorite finds of all shapes and sizes, to fill each corner and to suit every whim, wait for you to discover at Make Mine Pink.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Pink Hugs Sweet Shoppe Photo Contribution 2: The Roseberry

Vacation June15-June30th

I will be on vacation from June 15 until June 30th. I will be checking me emails and orders , so please feel free. I you place an order in this time frame you will recieve it the first week in July. Thanks for understanding. Patty

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Show and Tell Monday

My show and tell is this great silver ware that I found while in Cape Cod at a great little antique store. I love the detail , this is the first I found since I got the notion to collect flat or silver ware . I really think this was a great starting peic

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Diaper Cake

I am so excited to share this Towel Cake with you because it was a custom order that I made for Jen a Gift Cakes Galore who makes beautiful diaper and towel cakes and I came up with miniature versions of cake slices and the petite fours as well as the mini cake on top. I truly had no idea how well it would come out but she sent me this picture and I thought it was just beautiful. I hope you like it.
Her site is www.giftcakesgalore.com

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Show and Tell

My show and tell is my "Gratitude Journal" we made in Cape Cod. The reason I chose this was first for all the fun all the Pinkies had making it. I must thank Carrie of Noelle Garrett Designs for the incredible box of goodies she sent for this event. I still want the great box she sent them in. The next reason for posting this for show and tell is to actually give me a place to right, I have wanted to do something like this for quite sometime and this is the time.
I am not to great at making journals but it still was so much fun and I make start to indulge a little more and see where it takes me.

My Garden

I am always amazed every year when all my flowers pop up from the ground and come back to visit my like old friends. I am always so glad to see them and welcome them home.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Deanna's Prom

Well, today was my daughter Deanna's senior prom. I have just about run out of tears and decided to share her with everyone. She is a beautiful girl and makes me look at life differently and I love her for that. I can not believe she is going off to college shortly and will just be home for the holidays. I love seeing her face everyday I guess I will be texting everyday about everything to her so it will feel like we are together. I took these pictures at her friends house because we were running so late and I had no time to take any in our home we had to run to where all the girls where meeting.Enjoy the photos!